​Free Resources

Self-assess the maturity level of your finance function

Are you curious to know what world class finance looks like and how to stack up?  This is the tool for you.

One-Page Strategic Planning Tool

​This fabulous tool will help you get out of the weeds and look at your business from a strategic perspective.

CFO Ready? See For Yourself

​Ready for the corner office? We have developed a comprehensive assessment tool to determine your level or readiness. Download the assessment tool now.

​CFO Competency Map

Not sure what a CFO is accountable for or the competencies required to survive and thrive in the Office of the CFO?  We've mapped it all out for you using a competency map.  Download it and use it to chart your path to the corner office.

​Director Competency Map

​Are you a qualified corporate director?  Use our FREE assessment took to assess your boardroom capabilities.

​Presentation Checklist

​This helpful tool will help you prepare great presentations that will get your message noticed and elevate your own executive presence.

​Family Feud Template

​This fun tool will help you share survey results in a fun and memorable way.