Our Course Catalogue

What do we want you to do on this page?  Well, here you can see the topics and courses we have developed and now deliver.  Whether you are looking for your next PD course, you want to partner with us to offer a PD or conference session, or even if you are looking to bring your finance training in-house - THIS is the place to start!  THEN call us at 902-401-5237!

Curious to see our course offerings - download our catalogue of Keynotes, Professional development, Webinars, E-learning, and Virtual Classrooms.

For professional associations looking to partner with us, please contact us at info@executivefinance.ca to request a Word version of the catalogue for copy/paste inclusion into your own calendar.  We can also discuss dates, rates, and other partnership opportunities.  We work with dozens of partners around the globe.

We wake up every single day to pursue our passion and mission - that is to develop and deliver professional development (or if necessary, more intensive direct involvement) that inspires and educates financial professionals with ideas and methodology to meaningfully improves what happens back in the finance department.

Professional Development

Our secret sauce is composed of:

Surveying the latest thought leadership that we supplement with a healthy dose of our own thinking and experiences to create methodology that is fun to learn, easy to implement, and most importantly WORKS!

Engaging our clients to actively participate in this journey and even improve on it.  In fact, much of our methodology comes from our clients themselves.

Providing tools and methodology that clients take away from session with us and can return to the office and apply immediately to improve the way things are done in finance and beyond.

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