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Have us come to you and address your staff development challenges directly!

While many of the challenges we all face in finance and accounting are universal, the solutions are not.  Rather than casting a wide net by allowing our financial professionals to pursue their own professional development, why not consider developing an integrated development approach that ties to your corporate finance mandate.  Consider some of the benefits that our clients enjoy by using this approach:

  • Your finance and accounting staff work and learn together fostering teamwork, communication, and problem solving.
  • Second, tailor and customize each session address specific needs in your business.  This results in tangible takeaways after each session.
  • Third, it's more economical.  We come to you rather than your staff travelling to various training and development conferences that they otherwise would.  Sessions can still be held off-site, but locally, rather than nationally.
  • We deliver the training ourselves.  You get seasoned executives that are still actively working practicing finance and living the challenges of modern finance, not an academic or anyone who has retired from the business world.  Training is intentionally only half of our business!

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Jen and Blair

What we've done for one corporate client:

"We are a finance team of 10 with diverse experience and education. We have been working with Blair and Jen for most of this year. They have found a way to engage the whole team from our office administrator to our VP of Finance.

During the scoping stage they were able to provide insight into strengths/weaknesses and help plot a training strategy for each member of the team. This is work that may have taken a number of years to pull together internally.

We all leave feeling more confident in not just ourselves and our abilities to perform our roles more effectively, but also with confidence to communicate, interact and assist each other as a team and add value to the company. We come away from the sessions with solid tools to incorporate into our repertoire.

 Jen and Blair are individuals with a natural power to inspire. This team is dynamic, powerful, and knowledgeable, from the very moment these sessions began it was clear that the program designed was like no other, and was specifically designed and developed with a combination of our Company Values, Finance team objectives, and personal/professional success in mind. The concepts delivered were critical, specific, necessary, engaging, fun, intense, and empowering. 

Jen and Blair created and produced an environment that offered a safe and secure space to attempt new challenges, learn new methods, share ideas, and bond as a team. The learning methods and processes promoted individuals to grow beyond expectation and also inspired everyone to achieve a balance of personal and professional growth. The end result in my opinion was powerful. It created enhanced individuals and one amazing and inspired Finance team." 

If you would like to explore corporate training as an option for developing your finance and accounting team, we should talk.  Whether it's for one session at your next event or for an entire program of training, we've done it and guarantee success.