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Blair Cook & Jennifer Nicholson. CPD Course Instructors


Transforming Finance & Accounting

At Executive Finance we transform the traditional finance and accounting function and those who work inside this function.  We hold a fundamental belief that the finance function of any organization can do MORE!

  • More to move beyond just keeping the books
  • More business analysis and insight
  • More efficient process across the organization
  • We truly believe that more means MORE!


We develop and deliver leading professional development for financial professionals in areas of finance, strategic management, governance, communication skills, and leadership. We deliver programs, courses, and seminars through live presentations, webinars and on-line e-learning. 

Strategic Advice

We work directly with organizations to help facilitate, develop and execute organizational strategy with the integrity of the finance function in mind. We have worked with start up, turnarounds, and organizations looking to implement transformation change and in need of a strong finance function.

Thought Leadership

We curate and originate ideas to help the modern financial professionals gain new perspective. We provide authorship of books, cases, whitepapers, instructional design, and blog articles across a broad spectrum of topics. These form the basis of our methodology for finance transformation.

Blair Cook


Who We Are & What We Do

We are Blair Cook CPA, CA CPA (Ill) MBA and Jennifer Nicholson CPA, CA. We are part-executives, part-educators.  We actively curate the best ideas and develop tools, resources, and methodology to guide finance and accounting professionals to move beyond accounting.

Success for us looks like this...working with either organizations or one-on-one with individuals to measurably and actively move forward.  For organizations, this means having the finance function that becomes an integral partner with the rest of the organization. For individuals, this means developing skills beyond technical to enable clearer communication, more influence, and better strategic alignment. 

Are You Looking For Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

We deliver professional development and training to financial professionals. 

  • You can try us out right now by taking one of our e-learning courses and earn CPD instantly.  
  • Take a look at our course catalogue and bring us in house - now we're talking and we'll target improving your entire team's collective performance.

Thinking outside the box, but inside the frame

The finance function supports the achievement strategic goals of the organization.  That alone is not a small undertaking.  We think everyday about little and big ideas that help individuals working in finance and the function they lead to achieve just that.  Our clients benefit from:

  • Over 4 decades of diverse executive and board experience;
  • Academic backgrounds that temper theory with the practical challenges;
  • An innovative and fun (yes fun!) approach to development and implementation;
Thought Leadership Blog

In here, anything goes.  We share our thoughts on matters that we find interesting that relate to the Office of the CFO...or anything else we feel like sharing.

What Our Clients Say About Us

 Jeff Burrows CPA, CA

CFO, Advocate Publishing

Former CEO, Scotsburn Dairy Cooperative

“Executive Finance provided terrific services in the development and support of our strategic plan. Their strong financial acumen helped the organization develop key performing metrics that directly impacted the organization’s performance and financial results in a positive manner. They assisted our Board of Directors in navigating the strategic decision making using tools to generate thoughtful discussion. Would highly recommend Executive Finance for any organization or individual looking to develop and grow financial intelligence!”

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Partnership Opportunities

We offer professional development, training, and e-learning through partnerships with professional accounting bodies, post-secondary institutions, and leading professional development providers.