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Blair Cook & Jennifer Nicholson

We provide services

At Executive Finance we broaden the horizons of our clients – be they individuals or organizations. We introduce new perspectives to approach and think about pressing business issues confronting modern finance executives.

Professional Development

We develop and deliver leading professional development for senior financial professionals in areas of finance, strategic management, governance, communication skills, and people management. We deliver programs, courses, and seminars through live presentations, webinars and on-line e-learning.

Strategic Consulting

We are often engaged by clients to help facilitate, develop and execute organizational strategy. We’ve across different industries in different situations to help our clients adopt leading practices to address the challenges of their business.

Thought Leadership

We curate and originate ideas to help the modern finance executive gain new perspective. We provide authorship of books, cases, whitepapers, instructional design, and blog articles across a broad spectrum of topics.

Blair Cook


Who We Are & What We Do

We are Blair Cook CPA, CA CPA (Ill) MBA and Jennifer Nicholson CPA, CA. We are both many-time CFOs and corporate directors working across diverse industries. We also happen to both possess a passionate interest and extensive background in professional and post-secondary education.
Our passion and our mission is to develop and deliver professional development that engages and educates financial professionals to meaningfully improve workplace performance. We deliver on this mission by: 

Our Advantages

When you work with us, you have the benefit of accessing leading thinkers and presenters in the field of executive finance. Consider what we can offer you:

  • Over 4 decades of diverse executive and board experience;
  • Academic – practitioners that have a strong conceptual understanding tempered with a pragmatic perspective;
  • Award winning partners in the fields of education and professional accounting;
  • Responsive and easy to work with – try us!
Thought Leadership Blog

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Ed Schaffer

 CFO Rimini Street, Inc 


“While - as Blair even says - this course may be considered fairly high level, it's a great overview and very clearly and succinctly delivered. As a CFO myself, I found it a wonderful refresher/reminder on key things I need to be considering as I step into a new organization.”

 Wael Ghaith

 Canada Controller Tesco Corporation


“A very informative course, full of useful examples, very well presented, and make a complicated topic quite easy. Thank you.” 

 Richard Dandan

 Senior Accounting Specialist National Food Authority 


“Excellence in motion! Mr. Cook once again delivered a 5-star piece. He really has a knack of explaining/ delivering contents in an excellent manner. Great lecturer/ speaker. Well done sir. Great job!”

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Our Partners

We primarily offer our content through our partnerships with professional accounting bodies, post-secondary institutions, and leading professional development providers. Our content has featured prominently with all the following partners: