An Executive’s Handbook for Mastering Financial Acumen - Ebook

This is your MBA in finance all in one book. Blair covers all aspects of finance from the basics of double entry bookkeeping to using derivatives to manage risk. He covers all the topics by first sharing real stories of executives who have failed in their roles due to specific lapses in financial acumen. After each story, he explains the essence of what every executive should know about this aspect of finance without dwelling on the less practical, more theoretical aspects.

About Author: Blair Cook

Blair is a many-time corporate director, CFO, educator, innovator, thought leader, presenter, and curiosity generalist. As an academic-practitioner, he’s a perpetual learner who observes and experiments with various financial and management theories in real world context. He shares stories of his successes, failures, and lessons learned to all those who share a passion for further developing their own financial leadership qualities. His focus is on defining and developing a career path for financial professionals aspiring to the Office of the CFO and the Board of Directors. Blair has worked extensively with CPA Canada in recent years to design, develop, and launch the professional certification program.

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“This is a powerful book for anyone looking to become a well rounded, fully capable executive. Financial acumen is a must-have skill for every business leader, regardless of title. Blair brings together enough of the key pieces of finance knowledge to make a compelling whole, even for those with absolutely no finance background. He has a knack for leaving a reader with a surprising level of understanding of otherwise complex financial topics. Regardless of your company size or your title, this is one business book you should definitely read.” – John Kogan, President & CEO, Illumeo, Inc.

“The Illiterate Executive is fantastic financial resource that makes a pragmatic trade-off between dwelling on the deep theoretical aspects of finance and the practical reality of how finance is applied in the business world. The result is a reference guide that makes finance more accessible to anyone and is a must read for anyone serious about advancing their career either inside or outside of the finance function. I use this book as a textbook for my senior level finance course for non-accounting majors – it’s written at a level they can understand, yet complete in its coverage!” – Tammy Crowell, Dalhousie University