One-on-One Coaching

Looking to move from the cubicle-to-the-corner office? 

Are you CFO Ready?

At Executive Finance, we offer customized one-on-one coaching. We call this our MBA Program (Moving Beyond Accounting). We have a proven track record of moving careers forward with a specialization for those working in accounting and finance. Our development approach follows this four step process:

  • First, we use a competency based assessment approach to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Some of these you will know already, others are blind spots that you've never considered.
  • Second, we develop personalized development plan to move you to the next level.
  • At that point, we become your secret weapon.  We are your complete partner.  We jointly work to solve issues and find ways to make you into the financial leader you aspire to be. Our resources, contacts, and experiences are at your disposal!
  • We do NOT do your work for you!  But, we will roll-up our sleeves and slog through the details and challenges to come up with a solution that we will help you deliver.

Ready For The Corner Office?

We have developed a comprehensive assessment tool to determine your level of readiness.

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Professional Development Coaches

Why choose us to be your secret weapon:

Our Experience: Jen and Blair have between them four decades of experiences working across different industries, sectors, and companies at all levels – from operations, to executive, to the board of directors. You can work with one of us or both of us - you choose!

Our Perspective: We act as a sounding board for you on various issues. We round out your perspective and help you decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Our Methodology: We are professional coaches that tailor a development program to meet your learning style and career objectives, but be rest assured, this is not our first ride at the rodeo.  Many of the challenges in finance and accounting are universal and we've helped countless people progress.

Our Expertise: We are experts in the field of finance and have worked with public and private companies alike – large and small. We have competency in the fields of finance, strategic planning, accounting, governance, financial planning and analysis, and of course, executive skills.  We know enough about tax to be dangerous, so be forewarned - not our domain of expertise.

We Are Results Oriented: We are focused on helping you achieve your objectives. We will hold you accountable and bring both discipline and accountability to making real progress.  We love it when you succeed and we love celebrating your success.