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Mastering Your Ethical Intelligence (4 CPD/CPE Hours)

Is ethical behaviour an inherent trait of your nature or is it a behaviour that can be nurtured? This course will raise your awareness of ethical situations that are around you today that you aren't even thinking about and help you respond with intention. This course will change the way you make decisions and take actions. We will illustrate with numerous case studies that in the absence of ethical intelligence, otherwise good people are highly susceptible to making poor judgments. If that is still not enough to consider this for enrollment, how about this - ethical intelligence has been proven to improve corporate performance! You can get all 4 hours of your Ethics PD requirements in this one course.


The Principles of Ethical Leadership (4 CPD/CPE Hours)

The most pressing need in the world today is ethical leadership. Ethical leadership at all levels. Everyone of us is a leader at some level. Some of us lead teams. Some of us lead organizations. Some of our positions directly impact the world at large. This course explores leadership in those very contexts. It’s a personal choice on how you choose to lead. Enlightened leaders recognize the broader implications their actions have on others and leverage principles to achieve greatness. Destructive leaders take short cuts. They may achieve success for a period of time, but almost always it catches up with them and diminishes what they might have otherwise achieved using a more ethical approach to leadership. In this course, you will learn 20 principles of ethical leadership that will serve you for the rest of your career and the rest of your life. It's an insightful and interesting perspective on the state of the world and provides you with a framework to not only survive, but also thrive in the modern era.

Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs, Executives & Directors (4 CPD/CPE Hours)

Great entrepreneurs, executives and directors know when they are talking dollars, they are making sense. When they look at a set of financial statement, they can immediately evaluate performance, identify issues, and probe for insight. Whether they are in the boardroom, a conference, or a meeting for dinner, they are comfortable talking about the numbers to raise money, negotiate deals, or make investment decisions. Financial intelligence gives these senior people their swagger.

6ExY: Mastering the Six Traits of Executive You (5 CPD/CPE Hours)

Few financial professionals even consider the importance of building their executive presence and then they wonder why they don't have a seat or a voice at the executive boardroom table. In this series of 6 modules, you will learn how to elevate your own executive presence and achieve high levels of influence, leadership and make a strategic contribution inside your organization.

TGIF: Transform, Grow & Innovate in Finance (4 CPD/CPE Hours)

This is a course in finance transformation. In fact, it’s more than a course, it’s a guided journey of self-evaluation, reflection and strategic planning to propel your finance organization forward. Not only are organizations under fire to keep up with internal and external forces that require adaptation and change, so to are the finance functions that support the organization.

The modern finance function has never had as great an opportunity as it has today to play a strategic advisory role inside any organization. Yet, most finance leaders and those working in the finance organization find themselves still buried in transactional processing. This course shares with you a path forward by first understanding where you as a finance leader or aspiring finance leader, and your finance organization stand today. From there, you will learn for yourself the end goal, whether its to be a partner in business or a trusted advisor internally and externally on behalf of management. Through the exercises included with this course, you will plot a course forward to transform finance.

Best Business Practices After Covid (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

2020 was a year to forget, but not so fast. While tragic is so many ways - loss of livelihoods, personal sacrifice, loss of life - there were also so many lessons learned. There were also many tales of amazing resilience and creative inspiration. These are the memories, the best practices, and the growth mindset we want to hold onto from this experience. In this course, you will learn how the Covid pandemic forever changed our working lives.

Financial Modeling Using Excel (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this course we are going learn how to financially model a business using Excel. Financial models underpin strategic and business planning, solicitations for financing, budgeting and forecasting, business valuations, cash budgeting, capital budgeting, and so many other corporate finance purposes. In this course, we are going to concentrate on the preparation of a financial projection of the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. We will use an approach that keeps model integrity and credibility top of mind throughout development.

Your First 100 Days as a CFO (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this course we are going to look at getting started in a new CFO role. Whether this is your first appointment as CFO or perhaps you are transitioning to a new CFO role at another organization, we will look at different approaches for your first 100 days. We begin with a profile of the modern CFO, that is, what you need to bring to the organization. From there, we will look at team building principles and using proven tools to help you assess the existing finance function against best practices. We will use a strategic approach to developing an overarching mission and value statement for finance to bring context to specific action plans. We will look at structuring the finance function within the organization context to optimize and balance responsiveness to stakeholders with the need for control. Finally, we will look at change management principles to help you initiate your first major project.

Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals & Executives that make a Difference (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this course we are going learn how to deliver an inspired presentation. Finance professionals and executives are being called on more and more to deliver presentations inside and outside the organization. How you deliver these presentations is ultimately a reflection of your executive presence. In this course, you will learn how to plan and organize your presentation; how to tell your message in a way that your audience will remember it and act up on it; and how to deliver your presentation with poise and confidence. Leadership is a key attribute of the modern finance executive and being a successful leader in part hinges on your ability to communicate your ideas in a way that people will follow. This course has been tailor made for you as a financial professional working in today’s business world.

Financial Analysis: Reading Financial Statements like a Pro (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

One of the most crucial skills for any manager to develop, financial or otherwise, is an ability to pick up and read a set of financial statements. Financial statements tell important stories about how a business has performed, its level of financial strength, and the availability of cash generated. Unfortunately, these stories are often not explicitly stated and require understanding and further analysis.

Best Practices for a Quicker Financial Close (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

The pressure on the finance function has never been higher to deliver financial results as soon as possible after the period. Managers, analysts, Boards, and investors are digesting market information in real time and are beginning to expect the same of financial results. To meet these high expectations, the CFO and controller need to find ways to speed up their financial close processes to report the financial results before they become perceived as old news in the new world. In this course, Blair Cook, a many-time CFO, will explore ideas for shortening the financial close process. Leading companies have found ways to close their books in as little as one day and see the benefit of almost real-time analysis (in addition to the actual period financial data) that can be performed with a shorter close.

Thinking and Acting Strategically as the CFO (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

Are you working in finance and want to play a larger role in the strategy development process of your organization? Perhaps you see an opportunity to formalize strategy development and execution but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? This is a course in strategic management. A course that is going to cover all of the important topics of strategic management from developing mission, vision, and values; to conducting situational analysis; to formulating strategy; to executing strategy. The course ties each of the strategic management phases together with facilitation tools and techniques that will allow the learner to make a valuable strategic contribution to their organization

Fraud in the Workplace (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

In this course we are going to tackle a topic that doesn’t factor into many senior financial leader’s agendas all that often or until something happens, that is, fraud in the workplace. Occupational fraud is a giant global industry. Organizations are losing an estimated 5% of revenues to employee fraud each year according to the experts at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Does that statistic shock you? Are you in disbelief that the number could be so high? In this course, we are going to discuss how employees are doing it, how we can detect it, and most importantly, what can be done to prevent it in the first place. We will use the research of the ACFE to look at the fraud cases under investigation to reach a deeper understanding of this issue. You will be astounded, you may be surprised, but the goal of this course is to make you enlightened.

Ethical & Audit Considerations of Cryptocurrency (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

Cryptocurrencies, such at Bitcoin and Ethereum, are just two of thousands of emerging solutions to create frictionless global transactions between counterparties. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are positioning themselves to become the “new gold” of the modern world as a store of value and immune from geo-political risk.The rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices has not deterred interest in the technology or the space, but is leading to every more practical, accessible and useful applications of blockchain technology.

This course uses several case studies to illustrate the audit and ethical considerations in the newly emerging sector.Few accountants and auditors are conversant with cryptocurrency technology and this course is designed to improve your level of awareness and deepen your understanding of issues associated with issuing an audit opinion for clients in this space.

5 Ways COVID-19 Will Forever Change our Risk Thinking (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

The COVID-19 Pandemic caught many businesses by surprise. We were ill-prepared and left scrambling to adapt our business model, processes, and maintain liquidity to survive. The lessons learned remind us that risk management thinking cannot be forgotten. In this course, you will learn 5 such lessons that you should incorporate into your disaster recovery plans for the next crisis. We may not know for certain when the next crisis will hit us, but we do know for certain it will.

Learn Accounting in 1 Hour

This course is for aspiring accountant or finance people who want to improve their understanding of how accounting works. This course packs into one hour the best of what you need to know to perform accounting. Along the way, I’ll show you tips and techniques to make sure you stay on track and your books balance. I will teach you how to prepare financial statements using a simple conceptual model that can apply to any organization small or large.

Change Management: Being a Catalyst CFO (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this course we are going to look at change from all perspectives. From what sorts of corporate initiatives require careful consideration of change management principles, to the challenges of implementing change. We look at change from the perspective of the employee, after all, it's they for whom we need to change for the organization to be successful. And we develop an approach to enable that to happen successfully. Finally, we will look at way that organizations are adapting to continuous change by changing aspects of their organizational structure.

The Credible CFO: Driving Growth & Delivering Predictability (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

In this course, we will look at the credibility of the CFO and of the finance function. We will discuss how we assess credibility as well as the factors that erode and build credibility. Credibility is the foundation for finance’s position in supporting a growth mandate. Credible CFO’s position themselves as strategic leaders as they master execution of the existing business and develop visibility of future financial results. The ability to deliver predictability helps the executive and the board of directors formulate and execute strategic plans with greater confidence. We will explore strategies that the CFO should be considering to enhance their own credibility as well as that of their team using tools and technology.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

This is a course about how to use PowerPoint. The course not only covers the features of PowerPoint, but more importantly how to use the features to create presentations that stand apart and engage the audience. In this course we will learn how to use PowerPoint as an effective visual aid to supplement any presentation. We will discuss how PowerPoint can be used to create our own graphics and customize imagery to share our ideas visually with our audience.

Auditing Financial Statements

Many organizations are audited by independent public accountants. The purpose of an audit is to express an opinion on the fairness of presentation of financial information prepared by management. An audit enhances the value of financial information by making it more trustworthy and credible. In this multi-part course, we are going to learn how public accountants plan and execute an audit. This course provides complete coverage of most university level financial auditing courses.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have taken this course to learn the basic auditing principles. Enrol now to get this under your belt and accelerate your career!


Capital Budgeting: Analysis that Improves Long-Term ROI (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

This is a course in establishing a capital budgeting process from conducting due diligence through to communicating and facilitating discussions of capital investment opportunities with decision makers. Capital budgeting is a key strategic process that ensures capital is deployed to only those opportunities that have a high probability of meeting or exceeding the expectations for return. It is also a process that ensures that scarce capital resources are deployed to the highest yield opportunities across the organization.

In this course, we will walk through how to develop assumptions, prepare the capital budgeting analysis, and quantify risk using tornado charts and monte-carlo simulation analysis. We will also discuss the financing implications of capital investment opportunities by looking at lease versus buy analysis, a related but often confused part of capital budgeting.

ERP - What Every CFO Should Know About Implementing a New ERP (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

Implementing a new ERP system is a daunting task for any CFO. An ERP system by design spans the breadth of the organization and as such requires a high level of coordination and collaboration across the business. With so many options available, the task of where to start and how to think through start up elements of your own ERP initiative can be daunting for any CFO.

In this course, Jennifer Nicholson, a many-time CFO, who has recently gone through implementing a new ERP system shares with you her own insights and experience with the ERP implementation process. Whether you have begun already, are just beginning, or merely contemplating a change to your systems, this course will guide you through all the relevant stages of the implementation process.

Rethinking the Boardroom: Make Your Board a Point of Competitive Advantage (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

This course will provide participants with a look behind the boardroom doors to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate governance systems. Today’s corporate directors, and the executive teams with whom they work, are being challenged by the owners of the organization more so than ever to not only protect their interests, but also enhance corporate performance. As boards already struggle to balance the growing list of regulatory compliance requirements, we are going to identify and explore three key board leadership roles that differentiate good boards from great ones. We will look at ways the Board can make valuable contributions to value creation and long-term viability by achieving what we will describe during the course as Governance Advantage.

The Principles of Corporate Finance (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

This course will takes a practical approach to considering how finance theory is applied in the business world. The course covers many of the key principles that embody corporate finance and gives participants a comprehensive appreciation of the finance discipline. Whether you are aspiring for a career in finance or looking to round out your appreciation of the financial concepts, this course is designed to cover off such topics as financial analysis, forecasting, present value, future value, rate of return, use of debt leverage, and risk management, including derivative instruments.

Accounting for Consolidations, Acquisitions, and Investments (5 CPD/CPE Hours)

This is a course in advanced accounting topics. You will learn (or relearn) how to account for different types of investment. How to consolidate a company including all the nuances of non-controlling interest, inter-company transactions, and changes in ownership. You will also learn how to account for foreign currency transactions, hedges and translation of foreign operations. This is an intense course for those of you who need to know the mechanics of this sort of accounting. Included are Excel templates to help you understand the accounting and journal entries.

Competency Mapping in the Office of the CFO (1 CPD/CPE Hour)

The success of every finance function hinges on the competency of its employees. All the best financial technology and processes that money can buy will not be enough to overcome a deficiency in people. Companies that use competency assessment enjoy lower employee turnover, higher employee performance and increased sales and profits. A competency assessment framework will improve self-managing your own career and/or manage your finance team more effectively.

Risk Management (0.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

This course designed to give the student an overview of the COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework. These simple lessons will walk each stage in the framework and explain in plain terms what is involved and what should be considered.

Passport: Strategic CFO Leadership Program (7 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this bundle of courses, you will learn to move beyond the accounting and processing side of the finance function and become forward looking and strategic. The bundle includes your first 100 day as CFO and assessing the situation. It includes making a strategic contribution by teaching you strategic planning techniques. You’ll learn about capital allocation and its importance in achieving long term return and sustainability. You look at financing strategy and explore the different sources of raising capital. And finally, you’ll do a deep dive into change management and getting major initiatives done using people.

Passport: Mastering Corporate Finance Analysis (7 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this bundle of courses, you will learn to master the principles under pinning corporate finance. You will learn to analyze financial statements like a pro. You will learn the principles of corporate finance including present value, future value, leverage and risk management. You will then go on to learn how to build financial models in Excel followed by how to structure financing strategy using different types of capital. And finally, you will learn how to use financial analysis to make capital budgeting decisions incorporating risk management analysis.

Passport: Presentation Skills for Accounting and Finance Professionals (3.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this bundle of courses, you learn to present like a pro. You’ll learn that presentations are intended to persuade and influence. You’ll learn handy tips to engage your audience. We will cover how to use PowerPoint as the visual aid it was always intended to be to help you tell your story.

Financing Strategy: Tips For Sourcing Capital (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this bundle of courses, you learn to present like a pro. You’ll learn that presentations are intended to persuade and influence. You’ll learn handy tips to engage your audience. We will cover how to use PowerPoint as the visual aid it was always intended to be to help you tell your story.

Master Capital Allocation (1.5 CPD/CPE Hours)

In this bundle of courses, you learn to present like a pro. You’ll learn that presentations are intended to persuade and influence. You’ll learn handy tips to engage your audience. We will cover how to use PowerPoint as the visual aid it was always intended to be to help you tell your story.

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