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The Executive Finance duo, Jen and Blair, recently presented to our finance team on Executive Presence. We learned and we laughed. We are very much looking forward to our next in-house session."

Elizabeth McEwan CPA, CA CFFI Ventures Inc.

Why Are You Looking for Professional Development?

 CPAs take professional development for one or both of two reasons.  First, because they have to.  It's a pretty low threshold, but if that's your requirement, we try and make getting your professional development as painful and as fun as possible.  Secondly, many CPAs want to advance their careers and in that regard, we have spent our own careers, developing a tailored solution for financial professionals.

The Executive Finance Solution

At Executive Finance, we are passionate about helping financial professionals develop skills and abilities necessary to go from the cubicle to the corner office. Many of our courses target executive coaching and development.  Our Super Bundle offer gives you a subscription to our entire library of courses.  Courses that we know will make a difference in your workplace and level up your career.

CPD & Professional Development


We are Blair Cook CPA, CA CPA (Ill) MBA and Jennifer Nicholson CPA, CA. We are part-executives, part-educators.  We actively curate the best ideas and develop tools, resources, and methodology to guide finance and accounting professionals to move beyond accounting.

Success for us looks like this... working with either organizations or one-on-one with individuals to measurably and actively move forward.  For organizations, this means having the finance function that becomes an integral partner with the rest of the organization. For individuals, this means developing skills beyond technical to enable clearer communication, more influence, and better strategic alignment.

One-time fee for life-time access to CPD!

Access all the courses we have and will develop through this subscription. Think about all the time you'll save.

CPD Courses Available in this Bundle:

1. Mastering Your Ethical Intelligence [4 CPD & Ethics Hours]

2. Principles of Ethical Leadership [4 CPD Hours]

3. 6ExY: Mastering the Six Traits of Executive You [5 CPD Hours]

4. TGIF: Transform Grow Innovate in Finance [4 CPD Hours]

5. Best Practices After Covid [1 CPD Hour]

6. Financial Modelling Using Excel [1.5 CPD Hours]

7. Your First 100 Days as a CFO [1.5 CPD Hours]

8. Presentation Skills for Finance Executives and Professionals that make an impact [1.5 CPD Hours]

9. Reading Financial Statements like a Pro [1.5 CPD Hours]

10. Best Practices for a Fast Close [1 CPD Hour]

11. Thinking and Acting Strategically as CFO [1 CPD Hour]

12. Fraud in the Workplace [1 CPD Hour]

13. Ethical and Audit Considerations of Cryptocurrency [1.5 CPD Hours]

14. 5 Ways COVID-19 Will Forever Change Our Risk Thinking [1 CPD Hour]

15. Learn Accounting in 1 Hour

16. Change Management: Being a Catalyst CFO [1.5 CPD Hour]

17. Financial Strategy: Tips for Sourcing Capital [1.5 CPD Hours]

18. The Credible CFO: Driving Growth and Delivering Predictability [1 CPD Hour]

19. Powerful PowerPoint Presentations [1.5 CPD Hours]

20. Auditing Financial Statements

21. Capital Budgeting: Analysis that Improves Long-Term ROI [1 CPD Hour]

22. ERP - What Every CFO Should About Implementing a New ERP [1 CPD Hour]

23. Master Capital Allocation [1.5 CPD Hours]

24. Rethinking The Boardroom [1.5 CPD Hours]

25. Corporate Finance Principles [1.5 CPD Hours]

26. Accounting for Consolidations, Acquisitions, and Investments [5 CPD Hours]

27. Competency Mapping in the Office of the CFO [1 CPD Hour]

28. Risk Management [1/2 CPD Hour]

29. Financial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs, Executives & Directors [4 CPD Hours]

Original Price:

$2,535 CAD

New Price:

$499 CAD

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