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What CFOs Can Learn From Their Apple Watch

On September 1st , I woke up to see my Apple Watch had come up with a new monthly challenge: “Thismonth, walk or run 442.0 km to earn this award.”I immediately thought, “what demonic algorithm came up with this target!” I even spent the first weekjoking about it with everyone I met – “Hey, guess […]

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Learn Corporate Finance In 1 Hour

Learn Corporate Finance In 1 Hour [Simple Guide]

The modern world runs on finance, and whether you’re ready to admit it or not, corporate finance is the culprit behind so many phenomenons that impact our daily work and family lives. Remember the great recession that started in 2007? Finance played a significant role. Are you’re looking to…Retire from your job someday?Evaluate an investment opportunity?Determine […]

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How To Become CFO [10 Skills You’ll Need]

What are CEOs and the Board of Directors looking for in the CFO that gets hired today? How does one get chosen for the job, while a long list of other candidates aren’t even considered? These are good questions, and quite frankly, they are highly relevant. Whether or not you are someone who is aspiring for […]

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It's time to learn accounting in 1 hour.

Learn Accounting in 1 Hour [4-Step Guide]

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do accounting with no nonsense, fluff or frills, then please keep reading on… We’re assuming that you’ve just started your very first accounting course, or perhaps this specific blog post “technically speaking” is your very first accounting course. Either way, you probably have ZERO exposure to accounting, whatsoever. […]

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3 Reasons Why CPD Is A “MUST HAVE” For All CPAs

3 Reasons Why CPD Is A “MUST HAVE” For CPAs

If you’ve ever been wondering why CPD is so important for all CPAs to complete year after year, then please keep reading on. The CPA designation can literally take you from the cubicle to the corner office, no matter the type of organization, or sector of the economy. Additionally, more and more CPAs must take mandatory continuous […]

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Blair and Jen CPD

2020 The Year The World Changed

What can I tell you about 2020 that we all haven’t collectively experienced together. Never has there been such wide-spread issues that resonate so personally and pervasively across the country and around the world. We are all enduring a pandemic. We have all witnessed the challenge to leadership thinking driven by political events in the […]

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Professional Development

Virtual Game Night (free game template)

Enjoy a family game night on us, where ever your family might be.

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Professional Development & CPD

Are You Sabotaging Your Outsourced Projects?

By Russ Harju Outsourcing projects and setting them up for success is crucial, as I have covered in recent posts. Have you started maximizing your impact and resources yet? There is no time like the present! As you start leveraging the outsourced talents of others, here are two tips for interaction to make sure you […]

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Professional Development

5 Success Steps For Finance Outsourcing

By Russ Harju In my post last week, I encouraged you to try out freelancing for some of your projects. Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired to take the plunge. (If my writing didn’t convince you, then check out this article from Forbes; an interesting write up on Microsoft’s outsourcing program for its employees.) Now that […]

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5 Reasons Finance Outsourcing Works!

This blog was submitted by: Russ Harju It’s 2019, 12 years after the “The 4-Hour Workweek” popularized outsourcing. Yet so many companies are still not enjoying the benefits of outsourced freelance talent, especially talent overseas. Perhaps that is based on unawareness of the capability or fear of having a bad experience. That’s valid! As with […]

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