Executive Finance Webinar

Excel For Newbies! You Need to Know This Stuff. Don't Get Left Behind

WednesdayJanuary 31st, at 12:00 PM

What To Expect

Setup spreadsheets to avoid costly errors - Did you know that over 90% of spreadsheets contain errors that can cost your company money and your job.  Make sure yours isn't one of them!

Optimize the use of formulas to easily see the impact of changes to your assumptions and amp up your analytical capabilities.

Learn about the many functions that are available and how to use them to harness the power of your spreadsheets.

About Your Trainer

Jen Nicholson
Jennifer Nicholson

Jen is a dynamic financial professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in public practice, academia and industry. Jen is the co-host of CPA Canada’s podcast series “CPA Success Podcast.” Jen brings to the classroom a broad skill set and experience in all key facets of an organization including operations management, strategic planning, business development, finance, accounting, investor relations, human resources, and project management. Jen has a passion for making finance more attainable, whether it’s working to articulate strategy in a financial context, bringing clarity to financial communication or teaching accounting to university students. Jen’s career epitomizes the diverse experiences and roles that CPAs play in industry – from financial to operational leadership. 

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