TGIF Ethical Intelligence Skepticism

January 29, 2020 – Here are some files that accompany Blair’s TGIF course:

Video Case of Veterans Affairs (play videos as instructed throughout the day)

Handouts from today’s session

Workbook from today’s session

February 18, 2020 Here are the files that accompany Jen’s Ethics & Skepticism course:

Videos clips for today’s course:

  1. Trolley Problem – mind bending
  2. Suzie Spaves Case – what would you do
  3. John Stumpf – ivory towers and glass houses
  4. Elizabeth Warren – undressing an executive like a presidential candidate
  5. Robert Sloan – fixing a mess
  6. Warren Buffet – wise advice about the importance of managing petty cash
  7. Who dun it?
  8. Dave Lewis – what the heck happened?
  9. First half results shock
  10. Full year results dismay

Handouts of slides from today’s session

Suzie Spaves Case

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