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Are you looking for content and delivery expertise for your events/platforms?

Look no further, you found us!

Over the years, we have partnered with many, many organizations to deliver professional development - whether it be through conference, seminars, workshops, webinars or sharing of e-learning courses.  The benefits of working with us:

  • We offer turn-key and leading proprietary programs and presentations that engage finance and accounting audiences, build their skills, and foster "fun" as a key component of the learning environment.
  • Second, the topics we choose fascinate us and because we are ambitious financial executives ourselves, we believe they hold broad appeal for other financial professionals.  Check out our course catalogue and see for yourself. 
  • Third, over the years we've noticed that diversity inside the classroom can greatly elevate the learning experience.  "Facilitated" discussions gives a much broader and deeper perspective, which in turn, creates a much richer learning environment.
  • Finally, there is money to be made. Our sessions are always well received and we are always glad to see return participants - sometimes to even the same session the next year!

Download the Course Catalogue

Inside the Catalogue you will find all the professional development, virtual classrooms and webinars, e-learning library of topics, and conference presentations we currently have available.

Jen and Blair

8 reasons they think you should partner with us:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Blair and Jen! Please bring them back for future conferences!”

“I would go to any course these two taught.”

“Loved the energy of the speakers! They were a great team! The day went by so fast!”

"Great at keeping people interested and mixing professional with interesting."

"The material coupled with the real-life, relevant examples provided by the instructor go a long way in helping with CFO leadership and decision making development."

“Most engaging session I have ever participated in and can’t believe I wasn’t mentally drained after about 6.5 hours in class time…they did great.”

“I am a finance professional who has worked in this field for many years and I think Blair is one of the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure to listen to - great job.”

"I have listened to may instructors in my CPA CPE quest, this go round. There were several very good courses and presentations available, but Mr. Cook is the most captivating liveliest and most knowledgeable in the of all I have heard"

If you are planning an event or an association looking for content and captivating delivery specialists, well, we should talk.  Whether it already been developed and in our Course Catalogue or you have another topic of interest, we can likely deliver it.  

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