Instructional Design

We are experts in matters pertaining to higher education. Unfamiliar with this idea of "instructional design"? Well, instructional design is what determines the what, how, why, when, and where (online or live) of the desired learning topics.

Essentially, our clients give us learning objectives that they feel are pretty important for their learners to know and understand, and we, in turn, develop a course or a program to allow learners to achieve these objectives. In doing so, we like to make learning fun, efficient, enlightening, and effective. This includes using the right mix of learning activities and media (video, audio, readings, presentation). We can't stand developing boring learning.

Some of our recent work with instructional design includes:

Atlantic School of Chartered Accountants

Instructional design and module coordinator of a module on Mergers and Acquisitions.



Deloitte US and Global

Blair worked on various instructional design projects of e-learning courses to support Deloitte’s consulting practice.

CPA Canada

Blair was the Lead Instructional Designer for the new national professional accounting designation certification program designed to qualify tens of thousands of candidates to become Chartered Professional Accountants.



General Ledger App

We designed an innovative online game to teach students accounting - from intro accounting, to intermediate accounting, to advanced accounting. The app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

CPA Canada

Blair was the Instructional Designer for development of a module entitled: Applied Finance for CPA Canada's Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance.

CPA Canada

Blair was an Instructional Design Reviewer for various modules for CPA Canada’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance.

General Ledger App 2.0

We are relaunching General Ledger with more features.


Experts in Instructional Design

Blair and Jen have both written countless cases and exams for various universities, accounting bodies, and professional training providers. In our experience, finding high quality instructional designers is a real challenge, particularly those that specialize in financial fields.

Feel free to contact us to discuss courses or programs you'd like to develop for your organization.