Fractional CFO

Many small and medium sized organization do not have the financial resources to hire a full-time financial executive.  Often a controller becomes the de facto financial executive, but because of the amount of burning fires they deal with in transaction processing and financial reporting, often the finance function is lagging the organization and not leading it.

If this sounds familiar, consider engaging us to become your CFO - on a fractional or situational basis!

  • Reviewing and reporting financial results with a strategic view in mind
  • Reviewing and streamlining business processes for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Building and strengthening a finance team that is a partner in business
  • Sourcing, negotiating, and maintaining ongoing financing arrangements
  • Developing a financial model of the business to facilitate strategic discussions
  • Implementing a strong system of internal controls to safeguard the assets from fraud and theft
Blair and Jen

Over the years, we’ve worked as financial executives in many different companies and different industries.

Food Processing

Multiple-time CFO's of food processing companies dealing with the challenges of trade allowances, customer deductions, and supply chain challenges.

Real Estate Development / Management

CFO of an international residential and commercial real estate company.


Working at the highest executive levels of regulated gas distribution, integrated electricity utilities, and pipeline businesses. We have experience in regulatory matters, investor relations, and corporate development.


CFO and corporate director of private equity funds invested across diverse industries.

Shipping Infrastructure

CFO of a container terminal facing challenges from weak port traffic in a global industry.


Executive responsibilities for a gold mine operation in a remote location.

We've worked with billion dollar companies right down to sole proprietors.  Benefit from our insight and our experience.  It costs nothing to have a conversation to see whether you or your organization can benefit from having a Fractional CFO.

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