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We love making connections with other financial professionals from around the world and developing relationships and partnership to do work together. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we definitely want to hear from you:

  • Are you aspiring to become a financial executive in your career?
  • Are you already a financial executive, but looking to deepen your contribution to your organization?
  • Are you a professional institute looking for speakers, presenters, courses, or programs to offer your members?
  • Are you an organization that is contemplating or in the midst of significant transformation and unsure of what to expect?

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We are executive coaches and mentors. How can we help you and/or your team excel in the modern field of accounting and finance.

Our MBA Program (Moving Beyond Accounting) is designed to progress individuals from the cubicles to the corner offices. To apply for your 30 minute consultation with Blair or Jen, Filli out the form below and telling us what you are looking to do with your career!

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Email the CONSULTATION FORM to any one of the addresses listed on this page and we will coordinate a time to connect with you.