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Why Every Financial Executive Must Know of the Rule of Three

Have you ever noticed in life how things are naturally configured in groups of 3? Consider: The 3 R’s The three pigs The three bears The three wise men The three pillars… There are 3 reasons for us to remember this key principle in developing our communication skills. I’m going to call this the ABC […]

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The 3 Best Ways to Protect Your Organization from the Inside Job

Occupational fraud is a big deal, no make that a really big deal! The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has been studying fraud every two years for well over a decade and the statistics speak for themselves. The average organization is losing 5% of its annual revenues to fraud costing the world economy nearly $4 […]

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3 Imagery Ideas to Wow in Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

3 Imagery Ideas to Wow in Your Next PowerPoint PresentationThere is nothing more dry and boring than reading text on a screen. Yet, how many presentations have we all sat through that have screens filled with lines of text. The multi-media principle was developed by Richard Mayer. Mayer postulated that when words and graphics were used […]

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