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We are launcing a new app Executive Finance University,
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We proudly presents you with our first (and the world's first) accounting adventure game. Who says that accounting can't be about life and death?

What could be more serious than that? Well, your career for one, which is why you'll learn about how to become a professional accountant all the while you are fighting for your life during this game.

Go to the App Store to download your copy today or search for it using "General Ledger".

The game uses International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as its basis of GAAP, the world's most recognized basis of accounting standards. There are three levels in General Ledger :

LEVEL 1 will teach you the accounting principles you'd learn at any bookkeeping course or in a first year university accounting program.

LEVEL 2 will teach you accounting at an intermediate level. Most universities will cover this course during a student's third or fourth year.

LEVEL 3 will teach you accounting at an advanced/professional level. Don't be discouraged, these questions are hard. But if you want to become a CPA or a professional accountant in your country, then this is the stuff you need to know.

Are you new to accounting? Well I've got the course for you - Learn Accounting in 1 Hour. Take it for free at our Online University.

The Story Behind

Blair conceived this game two decades ago when he first learned accounting. His students always laugh when he tells them the story about his girlfriend reading him journal entry descriptions leaving him to come up with the journal entry. But in truth, this is one of the most effective ways for you to learn both sides of every journal entry.

Most students we deal with can tell us one side of an entry, but coming up with both the debit and the credit can be troublesome. If you play this game for any length of the time, you'll master accounting. You may even restore world peace in the process. If you've got a sense of humor, but are deadly serious about learning accounting, then this app was designed for you.

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