3 Reasons Why CPD Is A “MUST HAVE” For All CPAs

3 Reasons Why CPD Is A “MUST HAVE” For CPAs

If you've ever been wondering why CPD is so important for all CPAs to complete year after year, then please keep reading on.

The CPA designation can literally take you from the cubicle to the corner office, no matter the type of organization, or sector of the economy. Additionally, more and more CPAs must take mandatory continuous professional development courses daily in order to ensure their competency stays at the highest level. So they not only maintain their skills, but enhance them and learn new ones so that doors open for bigger and better opportunities. 

Is earning CPD hours the bane of your existence?  Do you leave mandatory professional development to the last minute each year and then scramble around looking for the easiest path to getting CPD? In this guide, you're going to learn all about the THREE main reasons why it's so important for CPAs across the world to take CPD courses.

1. It adds major value to your career

By carefully selecting professional development that fills in any gap in your knowledge or experience, you can upskill.  Don't think of CPD as a chore that needs to be completed before days end. Instead, think of CPD as something that'll make you more valuable and relevant overtime.

As professional athletes improve their skills and maintain their relevance, they earn multi-million dollar contracts. As finance professionals improve their skills and relevance, they often get promoted to the corner office and have a voice at the boardroom table. Just envision how far you'd like to go in your field. CPD will help get you there.

To learn more about the mindset mistakes many finance professionals make when seeking a promotion to the boardroom, checkout our "Why You May Live In Your Cubicle For The Rest Of Your Career" blog post:


2. The CPA profession is ALWAYS changing

Regardless of whether you are a controller, tax professional, executive or financial analyst - all aspects of our work, industries, and our sectors change constantly.  Sometimes, the changes are incremental over a number of years, but how leading financial professionals practice today has changed from how it was practiced 10 years ago and 10 years before that. Seeking out CPD that tracks today's trends and best practices can help you practice with the times.

Based on a survey conducted in "The Practice of Now 2019" article published by Sage Software in 2019, 90 percent of CPAs believe there is currently a major shift in the making. Where finance professionals across several different industries and sectors no longer see themselves as just basic bookkeepers.

In short, CPD courses teach adaptability. Adaptable people aren't scared of change, and anything that comes with it. CPAs with the best change management skills are the ones most likely to be promoted to the corner office in the future.

3. CPD is now easier than ever to get

Online learning has become the norm after COVID 19. It's available on demand, whenever and wherever you need it. Confronted with a situation that you have little experience with, we're willing to bet there's a course available for you somewhere on the world wide web.

However, let's be honest with ourselves. Who wants to go online and buy each course separately and end up breaking the bank? CPD courses usually aren't cheap. To prevent this from happening, we've gone ahead and created the Executive Finance 'CPD Super Bundle' available on our online learning management system. It contains 75% OFF our entire course library (40+ hours of professional development). This way, it'll be easier for you to complete your hours.


Use CPD to help you do your job better and knock off those mandatory hours in the process. 

In Conclusion

At first glance, the sheer depth of continuous professional development can be viewed as a chore. Why spend time "doing mandatory professional development courses" you might ask. Frankly, that's why we believe most finance professionals leave it to the last minute every year.

Rather than looking at it as a last minute thing, view CPD as something that'll make you more valuable and relevant over time. The CPAs who take their professional development seriously are often the ones who get a seat at the boardroom table. So don't wait, enroll in CPD courses today!

What Continuous Professional Development topic do you enjoy the most and why? Let us know in the comments...

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