Professional Development

Virtual Game Night (free game template)

COVID-19 is changing our way of life. Many of us are working and living from our home with fewer opportunities for real interactions with other people. Through it all, we are relying on technology to stay connected to our co-workers, bosses, teams, friends and, most importantly, our extended families.

Jen and I wish you, your family, and the world at large the resilience to survive COVID-19. Use this opportunity to embrace technologies, like video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, to not only engage with other people, but also learn some new skills.

To help you build bridges with others you see in person for a while, we’ve created a family game night template premised on Family Feud. The Host organizes the event and sends out invitations using one of the aforementioned video conferencing platforms. From there, the PowerPoint template will set up a few hours of fun for the whole family.

Enjoy and stay safe.

P.S. To let your creative juices run wild and create an interactive game of your own using PowerPoint, check out our Powerful PowerPoint Presentation course. Use the COVID19 discount code to get access for $1 (use USD pricing when enrolling). Valid until we are free again to socialize like the good ol’days.

Download the game template here (will open up a PowerPoint file in a separate window).