Blair and Jennifer Professional Development Coaches

2018 Corporate Update

Greeting Friends!  It’s been over a year since we provided a corporate update.  We have a hunch no one was really looking for one anyway, but never-the-less we shall provide one as it was one of my [Blair’s] many undertakings six years ago when I started this journey.

Jen and I have been partners for almost half of that time.  We achieved much success and faced challenges that many entrepreneurs find themselves confronted with.

In the past two years, we’ve developed over a dozen courses designed to inspire financial professionals to move from the cubicle-to-the-corner office.  We delivered this content through e-learning courses that you will find on our website and those of our US partners.  However, many of you have met us in person through professional development that we offer across North America in partnership with CPA institutes, through conferences, corporate training, webinars and virtual classrooms.

Jen and I are truly honored to have had the opportunity to share ideas and dialogue with literally thousands and thousands of financial professionals.  We are grateful for the incredibly favorable response we’ve received in return.  Jen and I are both confident that the content and development experience we deliver engage our audience and inspire higher levels of achievement.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Blair and Jen! Please bring them back for future conferences!”

“I would go to any course these two taught.”

“Loved the energy of the speakers!  They were a great team! The day went by so fast!”

In the last year, we launched my book – The Illiterate Executive.  We relaunched and de-launched version 2 of General Ledger – An Innovative Game to Learn Accounting [Boooo Apple for breaking it through their endless updates and I’m happy to NOT recommend my developer: Orgami Studios for not cooperating in fixing it].

In the last year, Jen and I launched a podcast series with CPA Canada to interview dozens of thought leaders across a diverse spectrum of topics.  We relaunched our website, twice in fact, to provide financial professionals with more tools, more replays, more courses, and more resources to make you more effective and give you opportunities to earn CPD.

We have worked with a few dozen individuals one-on-one, around the world, to help them develop personally in their career.  Some of these people have gone on to pass exams, get promotions, elevate their executive presence, or find a position better suited to their personal interests and values.  In turn, Jen and I have both been coached ourselves by a world renowned expert and have learned so much. We are so grateful for the mutual sharing of ideas that have allowed personal and collective growth.

Jen and I have worked with companies – big and small.  We’ve developed and delivered tailored training to improve the performance and level of engagement of finance staff.  We’ve taken on consulting assignments to raise capital, take a company public, and turn around a century old cooperative.

We work at the Board level of public and private companies serving as strategic facilitators, directors, and audit committee chairs.  We’ve served on committees, task forces, and expert panels to incrementally push forward the accounting and finance profession.  Jen is spearheading the Women Get on Board initiative in Atlantic Canada to get more women on the boards of organizations.  I couldn’t be prouder.

We not only research and teach thought leadership to aspiring financial professionals, we actively practice what we teach.  One of the most profound courses we developed was 6ExY: The Six Traits of Executive You.  This course teaches you how to become an executive and not only survive, but thrive in the role.

One of those six traits is building your personal brand.  Something I certainly had never given much thought to in the first 25 years of my career.  However, since researching, writing, and delivering this course, we have adopted many of these strategies ourselves with PROFOUND results.

I’m coming off a recent assignment where I helped launch a blockchain company and take the company public in under three months.  I stepped back from that opportunity to take on another exiting opportunity to grow a company working in offshore supply vessels and crew management.  I’m so excited to work with this high growth, mission-driven company and test more of the ideas that Jen and I have developed over the years about transforming finance functions, in this case to a world class level. Neither opportunity was one I sought, but rather opportunities sought me.

Jen on the other hand has been tapped to become the next provincial regulator responsible for regulating everything from gas prices to power rates.  What a truly important and meaningful role to play in society.  The decisions she will make will shape the socio-economic outlook for an entire region.

Jen and I are both so insanely proud of the opportunities we’ve had to work with all of you.  We are always seeking opportunities to make a meaningful impact with people and organizations looking to transform finance.

While the two of us are busy in our new roles, Executive Finance Partners continues to exist here on the web.  We have a long track record of delivering results and having fun along the way.

Call us, check out our free resources, or please take one of our courses.  Use the discount ‘executive50’ to get 50% off any of our on-line offerings.  A small token of appreciation for your support (and diligence if you’ve read everything to this point).  If you’d like to discuss keynote speaking opportunities, please contact us as