Professional Development

Why You May Live in Your Cubicle for The Rest of Your Career

We recently received an email from someone looking for our help.  He has just completed his ACCA designation in England (the equivalent to our CPA in Canada and the US) and is frustrated.  He reached out to us because he said he “does not want to die as an audit senior with all dreams & wishes in my grave”.  That is very sad.  And I don’t blame him.  I wouldn’t want that either.

I remember my cubicle – many of them in fact over the years.  Small and constrained.  Dark and dusty.  Tattered walls from too many push pins holding up month end reporting schedules.  Hearing the squeaky shoes of my audit manager coming down the hall to give me more review notes. It really is a nightmare and is a reality for so many finance professionals.  Stuck in the same job but not sure how to get out of it.  It doesn’t have to be that way but if you have these beliefs you will stay there:

My Technical Skills Are Enough to Get Me Promoted

Financial Executives International (FEI) recently released a study showing that the top three skills most needed for CFO’s are communication and influencing skills, skills to manage upward and presentation skills.  Notice that there is nothing about accounting, finance or tax in there.  Technical skills are assumed at a certain level.  In order to differentiate yourself you need to develop the other “softer” skills.

Everyone Knows How Smart I Am

They don’t.  And if they do they don’t care.  Your IQ is not as important as your EQ or Emotional Intelligence as you move up the corporate ladder.  You need to know how to build relationships, build a track record of success to establish your credibility and learn how to communicate clearly and effectively to get what you want.

If I Work Hard Opportunity Will Fall in My Lap

I wish it was that easy but unfortunately, it’s not.  Some people seem to get all the breaks but usually they have worked hard, built relationships and told the right people what they want ahead of time.  And if they were just lucky then good for them. You need to put yourself in the way of opportunity.  Set yourself up for success and you will be top of mind when the right thing comes along.

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