Executive Coaching

Looking for a coach or a mentor to help you move from the cubicle-to-the-corner office? Maybe you are already in the corner office looking to generate more executive presence. You have to ask yourself, are you CFO Ready? 

At Executive Finance, we offer customized one-on-one and team-based coaching. We call this our MBA Program (Moving Beyond Accounting). We have a proven track record of moving careers forward with a specialization for those working in accounting and finance. Our development approach follows this four step methodology:

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    First, we use a competency based assessment approach to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses
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    Second, we develop a individual and/or team based development plan to move you and/or your finance team to the next level
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    Third, we deliver leading ideas and establish an accountability framework to move you forward in real life situations
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    Finally, we continuously evaluate progress against the desired outcomes that you have identified and we adapt our development approach accordingly
Blair Cook & Jennifer Nicholson

Why choose us:

Our Experience: Jen and Blair have between them four decades of experiences working across different industries, sectors, and companies at all levels – from operations, to executive, to the board of directors.

Our Perspective: We act as a sounding board for you on various issues. We round out your perspective and help you decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Our Methodology: We are professional coaches that tailor a development program to meet your learning style and career objectives.

Our Expertise: We are experts in the field of finance and have worked with public and private companies alike – large and small. We have competency in the fields of finance, strategic planning, accounting, governance, financial planning and analysis, and of course, executive skills.

We Are Results Oriented: We are focused on helping you achieve your objectives. We will hold you accountable and bring both discipline and accountability to making real progress.

The MBA Program (Moving Beyond Accounting) has this objective in mind – helping financial professionals become better financial executives. The skills that get you your first executive appointment are not necessarily the same as those that will make you successful as an executive.

In the first part of a financial professional’s career, your technical skills have the highest value. When you become an executive, the softer skills of leadership, communication, relationship building, and strategic thinking play a much greater role. 

Jen and Blair have coached individuals at various points in their career. From students looking to get started in their career to financial professionals looking to become executives to executives looking to have a greater executive presence in the organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your career objectives, let’s talk. Contact Us today to apply for your FREE 30 minute consultation.