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5 Success Steps For Finance Outsourcing

By Russ Harju In my post last week, I encouraged you to try out freelancing for some of your projects. Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired to take the plunge. (If my writing didn’t convince you, then check out this article from Forbes; an interesting write up on Microsoft’s outsourcing program for its employees.) Now that […]

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5 Reasons Finance Outsourcing Works!

This blog was submitted by: Russ Harju It’s 2019, 12 years after the “The 4-Hour Workweek” popularized outsourcing. Yet so many companies are still not enjoying the benefits of outsourced freelance talent, especially talent overseas. Perhaps that is based on unawareness of the capability or fear of having a bad experience. That’s valid! As with […]

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3,000,000 Views on YouTube

Today, we surpassed another milestone.  3 million people from around the world have viewed one of our course lessons.  Nearly 32,000 of you subscribe to us.  That’s amazing and we thank you for your interest in finance, accounting, and your career. Our Learn Accounting in 1 Hour Course is far and away our most popular […]

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Blair and Jennifer

2018 Corporate Update

Greeting Friends!  It’s been over a year since we provided a corporate update.  We have a hunch no one was really looking for one anyway, but never-the-less we shall provide one as it was one of my [Blair’s] many undertakings six years ago when I started this journey. Jen and I have been partners for […]

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Five Reasons Your Year End Financial Statements Are Useless

Happy Monday everyone!  It is the middle of January and we are starting the third business week of 2018 and the third fiscal week of the year – if you are one of the majority of companies that has a December 31st year end.  If you are in a top quartile company, you closed your […]

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Why You May Live in Your Cubicle for The Rest of Your Career

We recently received an email from someone looking for our help.  He has just completed his ACCA designation in England (the equivalent to our CPA in Canada and the US) and is frustrated.  He reached out to us because he said he “does not want to die as an audit senior with all dreams & […]

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Homonym Homicide: Are You Going For A Slay Ride or a Sleigh Ride This Holiday Season?

‘Tis the season for holiday and winter activities such as skiing, sledding and skating.  And maybe even a  sleigh ride – NOT a slay ride.  A slay ride connotates that you are going on a killing spree – not quite the same thing and not good at any time of year – especially not around […]

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3 Important Lines Missing in Almost Every Capital Budget

When it comes to capital budgeting, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Capital budgeting is a management process used to make decisions about long term investments. The dollar values are high. The consumption of organizational resources is large. The implications of the investment drive corporate strategy for years to come. These aren’t the sort of decision […]

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Psst. Your Technical Alone Will Not Get You To The Corner Office

At Executive Finance, we’ve worked with dozens of companies and thousands of financial professionals, many of who aspire to executive ranks. Much of what is missing is the refining competencies great executives possess, such as credible leadership, resiliency, confidence, communication, connection, and of course, a strong personal brand. Jen and I had a discussion about […]

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5 Secret Pieces of Advice Management Can Provide to Auditors

We are often struck by the difference in perspective between how management and the Board of Directors view the value of an audit as compared to how the auditor’s see it.Often, the two sides are worlds apart. The audit report is a standard form letter that auditors provide to express their opinion on a set […]

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